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Leaders Fail to Lead If They Fail to Serve

July 18, 2013


Leaders need to keep their heads in the clouds but their hearts in the trenches.

I’ve done a lot of reading on leadership the past ten years. You probably have too. Much of the leadership content tends to feed the ego of leaders: “stick to your vision and share it passionately” “stay out in front of your people and they will follow” “don’t pay any attention to your detractors” I’ve […]

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Fireworks or Church Planting? 12 Questions for the Missional Church Planter

July 4, 2013


Are you looking to make a big bang or establish the church of God?

Happy 237 to America. As we celebrate our nation’s birthday, we can’t deny the integral nature that faith in God has played in our nation’s history. It is a history that is being revitalized every day in the resurgence of church planting. I am, however, troubled by the nature of some of the church planting […]

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Missionary Fulfillment Begins at URBANA

December 29, 2012


Urbana students worship God

I’m posting from Urbana 2012, the student missions conference held every three years in St. Louis , Missouri, were 16,000 students have converged to seek God for their potential future in missions. I’m working a booth with Converge Worldwide as we seek a new generation of missionaries. The cool thing about Urbana is that agencies […]

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Three Types of Missionary Fulfillment

December 11, 2012


FULFILLMENT can be found

The idea of fulfillment is overlooked and under-used.  Deep down most people want to be fulfilled but popular opinion suggests that finding fulfillment is unattainable. This is true in the Christian world too.  Even missionaries have told me that they don’t see fulfillment on the horizon for themselves.  That’s pretty sad.  A world where we […]

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The Missional Care Giver

August 24, 2012


Vance and Patty (on the left) = missional care givers

The missional movement has nothing on God, but it does contribute to our motivation in caring for one another.  A key component to being missional is community. Community involves loving one another.  But take a moment to ask yourself the question:  who cares for the leaders in your missional communities?  If it is a true […]

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