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Every Loss Is A New Beginning – Guest Post by Missionary Kevin Walton Discussing The Journey of Home Assignment

July 30, 2012


home assignment will happen

Image courtesy of Zachary Collier via Wikimedia We have a unique perspective on time – those of us in the missionary community who regularly have to make transitions between places so distinct and different – that it seems more like popping in and out of a parallel universe than traversing the same globe. These transitions […]

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Conversations in Mission: Ordinary Missionary, Committed Pastor, Gracious Giver

December 2, 2011


Christians working in the world of mission are accustomed to life-changing scenarios.  I’ve had three significant conversations recently that I wanted to briefly share.  Be encouraged as you see God’s hand in the lives of a missionary, a pastor and a giver. Ordinary Missionary I Skyped with a missionary who has been back on the […]

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What a Missionary Desires from Churches

August 1, 2011


Earlier this year I posted What a Church Desires from Missionaries in which I said that churches desire faithfulness, communication and relationship from missionaries.  Now turn about is fair play. During 20 years of ministry in missions, I’ve experienced and observed three characteristics of churches that, when existent, radically alter the experience of the missionary […]

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What a Church Desires from Missionaries

March 31, 2011


In nineteen years of involvement in mission, I have observed three desires that churches place upon missionaries they support:  faithfulness, communication, and relationship. Not every church asks for all three, only the truly committed churches do.  Most churches want some level of two of these aspects, generally, communication and faithfulness.  The church that only requests […]

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A Missionary Speaks to Her Love-Hate Relationship With Home Assignment

February 9, 2011


Most of the missionaries I have met have a love-hate relationship with Home Assignment. The “love” part comes from having a break in the action at the field, a chance to step back and renew energy for ministry.  Home Assignment is also a chance to see family and friends, to reconnect with partner churches and […]

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