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Missionary + Internet + Social Media = Passionate Funding Sources Who Are Already Committed

July 26, 2012

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A church that feels called by God to be a blessing to the nation of Chad has adopted the peoples of Chad by supporting every missionary it can find who is serving in Chad.  How does this church find the missionaries with which to partner? A middle aged Polish American woman loves her birth country […]

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Social Media and Missionary Support Raising – The Basics

July 16, 2012


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Note:  This material is for those just starting in social media.  If you are already engaged online – or if you are younger than 35 – this material will be too basic for you  You might find part 2 of this article, my specific strategy, to be interesting or useful to you though. I’ve been […]

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Doesn’t It Feel Great to Be Fully Supported, Missionary?

March 20, 2012


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I’m going to talk about something that most missionaries would not talk about.  It feels great to have full financial support.  And it feels awful to not be fully supported, but I’ll leave that one for another day. I remember the months when I was fully supported but I’ll leave the months when I was […]

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3 Motivations for Giving

January 10, 2012


What are your motivations for giving?  Why do you give?  I’d like to suggest that there are only three motivations: we give to please ourselves we give to please someone else we give to please God I am going to limit this discussion to giving in the sense of giving toward the gospel of Jesus […]

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Top 5 Most Popular FULFILL Posts for Converge Missionary in 2011

December 29, 2011


FULFILL is about helping missionaries to be effective in life and ministry – to be fulfilled in all they do. With the end of 2011 upon us, I am reflecting upon the growth of this blog in number, in quality and influence.  But it is you readers who drive the numbers, so here are the […]

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